Funderar så här innan läggdags på både det ena och det andra. Hur det kommer sig att man blir det man är? Slumpen? Miljö? Uppväxt? Arv? Ödet? Eller en salig blandning av alltihop 😉 Ödet och slumpen är den mest intressanta aspekten 😂
Ett kan jag säga i alla fall att jag lärt mig massor på vägen och fått underbara minnen att se tillbaks på och hoppas på att flera underbara stunder väntar 🙏🌺💕



Today it is If a thousand thoughts flying through the head even feelings…..feels like im standing in a crossroad im life again and there are many ways to go…I know what it leaning towards but not exactly how it Will manifistate. …well its the mystery of life that one does not know everything in advance I suppose. … so i will meditate to calm my thoughts a bit 😉❤images (2)

I Have had the privilege to meet my favourite author Paulo Coelho for the 2nd time. I have read his books for years and they talk to my soul and i can regonize myself in a lot of them in different ways. In my life i have had several spiritual things happened to me so for me im sure there is something else beyond our earthly life. I will tell you more in time. here some pictures from Santiago 😊❤FB_IMG_142713733835520150322_14354120150321_150137

Quote of today 2012/11/24


Every day is just perfect for love.

~ Rumi

Quote of today 2012/11/16

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Quote of today 2012/11/14

We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen. – Paulo Coelho


People will forget what U said, people will forget what U did, but people will never forget how U made them feel -Maya Angelou