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Funderar så här innan läggdags på både det ena och det andra. Hur det kommer sig att man blir det man är? Slumpen? Miljö? Uppväxt? Arv? Ödet? Eller en salig blandning av alltihop 😉 Ödet och slumpen är den mest intressanta aspekten 😂
Ett kan jag säga i alla fall att jag lärt mig massor på vägen och fått underbara minnen att se tillbaks på och hoppas på att flera underbara stunder väntar 🙏🌺💕


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Paulo Coelho wrote on his blog http://paulocoelhoblog.com/

Deciding on the Destinies of Others
Malba Tahan tells the story of a man who met an angel in the desert and gave him water.
“I am the angel of death and I came to get you,” said the angel.
“But as you were kind, I will lend you the Book of Destiny for five minutes; you may change what you want.”

The angel gave the man the book.
As he was leafing through its pages, the man began reading about the lives of his neighbors.

And he got discontented,
“These people don’t deserve such nice things,” he said.

With the pen in hand, he began worsening the lives of each one.

Finally, he reached the page of his destiny. He saw his tragic end, but as he prepared to change it, the book disappeared.
Five minutes had already passed.
And right there, the angel took the man’s soul.

My reflection:
We can only change our own patterns and life the best we can.
Everything else is a projection … what we wish other would do.
We can not change others but we can tell them what we feel and think give them another view of things if they want to listen.

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