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Quote of today … give me peace

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About Yin and Yang …

What is Yin / Yang?

Yin / Yang symbol is a metaphor for the constant dance between the masculine and feminine energies within us all.

Yin is the feminine energy, the intuitive, receptive, the educational side of ourselves and that is in contact with the divine.

Yin is the energy yield to the force around it. Flowing and quiet – the power that allows a seed to germinate in winter, letting the water slowly and gently float around a rock in a stream.

Yang is the masculine energy – the strong, action oriented, powerful part of ourselves to get things accomplished.

Yang is the force that may be a seed to start to sprout in the spring and create strong flowing waters that can move or sculpt the stones in a stream.

All of us, whether you are a man or woman has both of these characters!

In a healthy balanced Yin welcomed intuition and inspiration from our soul and the divine. While Yang is acting these inspirations.

If you feel unbalanced – either uninspired, inspired but do not take action, or active, with no inspiration at all, where are your Yin and Yang energy imbalance.

Why we are unbalanced?

We are imbalanced simply because we have been trained to be unbalanced at all times!

Yang or masculine energy has been honored in men to act
– But does not appear to know.

Yin energies have been honored in the woman until recently
– Know but can not act.

Starting on the woman’s movement, women were encouraged to get in touch with their Yang-energies as well – to become more active in the world, not only bearing and responsibility.

And just recently, women have been encouraged to get in touch with their yin-energy side (feelings)

I think we are unbalanced for many of us have been trained by the bad examples of Yin and Yang energies.

some have been taught to use the masculine (Yang) energy, to knock down the female (yin) energy.

If you have been taught to let the masculine (Yang) energy, the man the female (Yin) Miss You think your feelings and intuition, doubt yourself, your feelings or banning shooting on the side. You may feel you need more spiritual qualities of love, rest, creativity or adventure, but you can easily ignore them in the name of practical orientation, or work.

You are intelligent, successful and prosperous. Perhaps you are satisfied with the adrenaline rush are, but you can also get tired of rat race and wonder “when it becomes my turn to have a rich life?”

Others have been taught not to rely on the male side of the energy. If this is you, you are probably intuitive, sensitive and caring, but wonder why you never seem to achieve your dreams?!

You help others to reach their properties, but it’s hard to be motivated on your own projects. You know you have talent, but you often wonder why you do not seem able to express or take advantage of them.

How will we return to balance?

Correct Yin / Yang balance is achieved when we allow the male side of our energy, supporting the female … when our actions support the emotions and heart’s desires, when we do not suppress these feelings or ignore them.

In practical terms, if properly Yin / Yang balance, it means that you pay attention to your needs and desires and taking the time to act and support them.

In proper balance, you ask for help when you need it.

You rest and take care of your physical needs …

You see that you have constructive and emotional outlet in life, and you make yourself an equal priority with the other in your life.

In this perfect balance, the Divine speaks to your mind, your emotions and you act on those inspirations.

You are in the divine flow of your life, live according to your map and soul in harmony with all creation, the parts that are shared.

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Quote: Whatever people do …

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